Welcome to PREPsafe

To start using this utility firstly log in. Users are assigned at Company and store level where you will be able to access your corresponding backend website to complete administrative work for your Preppy Pro app. Tutorial Videos are available on The PREPsafe YouTube Channel here. If you require further assistance using this tool PREPsafe support contact details are available above in the “Contact Us” Tab

Feel free to download and install the apk from above to your Android device. To view the app in demo mode login as following: username: demo@prepsafe.com password: Prepsafe#1

The application provides different features based on the user role whose permissions are defined below:

Permissions Company Admin Store Admin
Create and edit categories
(Company or Region level)
(Store level)
Create items under each category
Create and edit regions
Create and edit stores
Create and edit clerks

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